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J.S. wrote that he/she was concerned that some of us have suggested that more police would be a better thing and this goes against the same principles of the ID cards. It most certainly does not. The friendly face of policing has gone in this country. There are few, if any, community minded police in operation now and all policing is done "at a distance" with computer logic behind the decision to arrest/detain. There is no opportunity to show leniency or to exercise common sense when dealing with issues. More bobbies on the beat would help but it would also require a good selection process to weed out people who cannot make informed decisions about situations. I guess i am talking about an ideal scenario.

I am also against a police state. We do need to stand together here. The issue is ID cards, everything else is irrelevant. ID cards are wrong in so many ways.

I also noticed last night that it will be illegal to have someone elses card on your person without good cause, so you carry your girlfriends card for here after being out at a club one night, see her home and forget to give her her card back. You could then be stopped and arrested for having her card! Obscene is an understatement!

Furthermore, how are the people that will work with the information in the offices of the ID system be vetted to ensure they are not criminals?

How long will it be before the data entry is outsourced to India?

The commons debate was also a farce last night, as nothing of any importance was discussed and the reasons for intrdocution of the cards are as flimsy as ever!

Enough of my non-sequiturs... on with the fight to stop this.
Robert McGregor, 15 years ago.

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