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This govt is privatising the NHS by stealth (ask a hospital radiologist how many NHS as opposed to private patients they see nowadays) giving away schools to any business with a few quid to put down, doing all it can to do away with social housing and prosecuting an illegal war. This govt. wants to do anything it can to crush and fragment opposition, and that is why they want the ID card. I believe we need a real socialist party to mobilise opposition to this govt and bring it down. I am a pensioner, about to become a grandmother twice over. I will not sell my grandchildrens' birthright.Please can Liberty make a badge saying I will not register for an ID card? 10,000 people wearing one of these might make a good start.And may I make a special plea to pensioners? Court cases against pensioners always make the headlines, don't they? And nothing make the govt look bad like threatening little old ladies. So please get behind this pledge. Stella
stella hargreaves, 15 years ago.

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