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i'm always deeply concerned when people opposed to the i.d. card scheme propose instead that the money wasted here would be better spent on more police, etc. favouring one form of surveillance and state control for another is not a rational alternative: "i oppose the police state, so let's hire 10,000 more!" no!

we live in a cctv, speed camera culture, we have precious enough freedom as it is. but true freedom in a country is only achieved through the acceptance of personal responsibility. it's as simple as that. banning smoking, fox hunting, even clamping down on binge drinking are all symptoms of a more general malaise...that we're not capable of controlling our own behaviour so we need a government who will on our behalf.

we all know the old aphorism that we only get the government we deserve. sadly, i think it's true.

no to i.d. cards!
J.S., 15 years ago.

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