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I resigned my Labour party membership today after seeing blair once again trumpeting the ID card (conspicuously not mentioning NIR!) I was a party member for over half my life (When I joined Thatcher was still in power and I was 18 years old – you do the math’s)

When Id cards and the NIR were first proposed I swore blind that I would not have one under any circumstances. It’s nice to know that there are 9,999 other people supporting you and chipping in to a £100,000 legal fund should I be prosecuted!

I will go gladly to Gaol (proper English spelling of “jail” which is not recognized by Microsoft!) rather than have one of these abominations.

Ten pounds is a very small price to pay for freedom. Should this ridiculous legislation ever get passed I will pledge £10 per month until it is repealed! I reckon I will still have change from the first tenner!
Joe Kavanagh, 15 years ago.

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