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314 to 283. Majority 31.


You are under no obligation to obey a law that is wrong, just as this legislation is wrong.

No sensible person can think that the whole relationship between government and the governed should be changed by a majority of 31.

This scheme will fail due to mass non compliance, just like the poll tax did.

No one talks about the power of non compliance, because it is so very dangerous; people refuse to pay, and the government....the entire system collaspses. That is very dangerous indeed.

It is clear that we must all now not only refuse individually, but also make sure that everyone else we know also refuses.

We must also never pay for any service that demands that you show ID to be served. We must start with the banks. I have witnessed myself that they ALWAYS give in when you threaten to take your money away. All merchants will disavow ID cards if we all refuse to transact with them should they demand ID from us.

We can destroy this scheme and the illigitimate government that brought it in simply by refusing to comply.

I cant wait to see them burn!
Alex De Large, 15 years ago.

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