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There are many good reasons to not have an id card but here's one that I found most sinister whilst I was living in France where the've had them for some time.

My French friend told me that they never discuss politics in public and never ever tell anyone who they are voting for especially in local elections.
The reason being that if you vote for the party that loses you will find that everything that you require from the Government, council or mayor such as passports, welfare, work permits and a thousand other things go on a massive go slow or don't get processed at all as the party in power vindicate those who didn't vote for them.

If we have these foul intrusions upon our liberties blessed upon us by this dishonourable bunch of gangsters (the Goverment) then it won't be long before freedom of speech is stifled (as in France) as well. We will be well and truly nothing more than numbers to be exterminated or stifled at will.

If one thinks that's a bit strong, look what happened to Dr kelly RIP, when he tried to voice his opinion on WMD.
Steve lane, 15 years ago.

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