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I totally and unequivocally oppose mandatory ID cards, the use of biometric data, and the national identity database. If I have nothing to hide, why should I have to prove that in a supposedly free country? This Government - and political parties of all colours - need to realise that they are our servants, not the other way round.

Arguements that ID cards will prevent crime, terrorism, benefit fraud and illegal immigration are entirely fallacious. Can you imagine a house breaker making sure that they take their ID card with them before entering your property? In fact all this will do is start a new black market in forged cards and identites. The money being wasted on these proposals should be spent on Police on our streets, better street lighting, and social welfare and educational programmes. That would be a real benefit to this country.

ID cards are an unnecessary and expensive folly.
Howard Sargent, 15 years ago.

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