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First ID cards then compulsory ID cards. Creating a 'surveillance society' is the first step towards creating a 'police state' in which our whereabouts and actions will always be known. Innocent 'law abiding' people who refuse to comply will be criminalised and their lives will be made very difficult.

Despite his obsession with ID cards B-liar does not see people as citizens with rights, freedoms and responsibilities but as his 'subjects' who must be homogenised, coerced and controlled. Perhaps it is time to demand a written British Constitution in which or rights and freedoms are defined and protected.

I will refuse to carry an ID card but I would rather not have to face that scenario - this legislation should NEVER be passed. All opponents of this legislation living in a Labour constituency should swamp their MP with protests. I did not vote for this government nor could I, in all conscience, ever vote for the labour party again despite being a lifelong socialist.
Chris Leavold, 15 years ago.

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