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A couple of weeks ago I answered the door to a couple of police who were looking for someone. I cheerfully (and truthfully) informed them that as far as I knew nobody of that name had ever lived in my house (doesn't say much for the quality of their data, eh?), and volunteered my own name.

If this bill is passed, and a similar scenario happens in a few years time, when the police ask me about the identities of the people who live in my house, not only will I refuse to tell them my name or the details of any other residents, I won't give them my ID card (since I've pledged not to have one) and I'll ask them to remove themselves from my property unless they have a warrant, or feel like arresting me.

Policing only works by consent. I wonder if the government has factored in the cost of public non-cooperation.
Philip Hands, 15 years ago.

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