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"ID Cards...a bulwark against the Big Brother's a very serious point." Charlie Clarke in the ID debate in the Commons today. Gobbledeygook of the highest order. Only a True Bliarite could come away with such arrant crap. However as Eleanor Goodman (Ch4News tonight) said she detects "no genuine blood lust" among even those Lab MP's who are notionally against the bill. So it will pass it's second reading thanks to the supine morons so recently elected and re-elected to the New Labour benches. The most closely reasoned and rational arguments have all come from opponents of the bill. The most flawed and flaccid from the proponents. At 56 years of age I have absolutely no fear of the so-called powers of the state. I will not register for one of their bloody ID cards, there is nothing any Government can do to force me to do so, and as for the prospect of having my 'liberty' taken away from me for so refusing - well, like ID cards themselves, it's simply part-and- parcel of the constant erosion of personal 'liberties' which that megalomaniac Bliar has fostered since 2001. I am confident that not too long after their introduction, they will offer an excellent Blue Skies Thinking alternative. That of having all the info transplanted beneath the skin of every British subject on the premise that it will 'help' people not to lose their ID. Rather like the chip my deceased dog used to have. I used to worry about the apparently willing tendency of the British public to sleepwalk towards the emasculation of such 'rights' as we were supposed to hold. I'm way beyond that concern these days. A majority would seem to delight in any prospect that technology can rule their lives. The return to serfdom of the medieval period is well under way. Unlike our forbears however, the current and future generations will not be able to escape the complete grip the state holds over them. Because the will, the individual intellect, simply isn't there any more. In fact the will to individuality and the right to personal privacy is dead. The sooner there are ten thousand of us the better. We won't convince the brain dead that we are 'right' - but my christ will we be able to screw the government and the law about royally. Probably the best tenner I'll ever have spent.
charles michael bell, 15 years ago.

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