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In response to the challenging comment about putting a camera in Jessica's bedroom (as she apparently has 'nothing to hide'): She might enjoy that, because nowadays there seems to be nothing people want more than to reveal as much about themselves in public as they possibly can (bawling mobile phone users in buses and trains; people shouting to each other in the street as against talking as they did before, 'ordinary people' telling all on television, etc.)

However the manipulated masses don't realise that these things are all part of the softening up process this Machiavellian government is carrying out. Do you think it a coincidence that one of the most popular tv shows 'Big Brother'- with cameras almost in the beds to show the couplings, let alone in the drawing room, sitting room, garden, bathroom, toilet and you name it ----is called 'Big Brother'?

So as I say, Jessica might feel she was getting her fifteen minutes of fame promised everyone by Andy Warhol (and taken on board by the manipulators of our lives) if the cameras start rolling into her bedroom. The only problem is that they won't be there for just fifteen minutes; they'll be there for ever if this evil government gets its way which thanks to our gutless spineless MPs I am sure they will.
Judith Chisholm, 15 years ago.

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