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<i>Actually I'm quite suspicious of those who are so strongly against ID cards... something to hide perhaps...? heh heh heh</i>

Yeah, actually. For instance - one victim of rape explained in a debate I attended how vulnerable she would feel if every time she needed to contact the police, they checked her record and revisited this episode (as they would be able to under the new ID and data register scheme).

The reason it's called private life, is that sometimes people need the option of keeping it private.

By the way, Jessica, if you're so keen for the rest of us to have ID cards, do you mind if we send you the bill?

Anyway, how heartening to see so many people here determined at last to resist the ongoing encroachment of civil liberties - some of them won as early as the 17th century, now just tossed away to the mercy of the Home Office, a government department notrious for its incompetence and petty cruelty.

We know our identities, and we don't need a card!
Alex Higgins, 15 years ago.

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