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Well said, Matt, but I do disagree about one point you made: "I'm quite suspicious of people who are happy to have their privacy invaded when *no justifable reason for the invasion has been presented*"

I have no problem at all with someone deciding they're happy to have their own privacy invaded. Jessica can, for all I care, post her bank statements on every tree in her street, can stick a copy of her medical records in her front window, can set up a CCTV in her living room and fly a blimp over Wimbledon towing lists of her past addresses, phone numbers and mobile numbers going back for the past 10 years if she likes. Since she presumably has nothing to hide I'm sure she wouldn't mind doing this. Personally I really couldn't care less whether she does or not.

What I do object to is *my* privacy being invaded without my consent and with no justfication. No thanks.
Tony Walton, 15 years ago.

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