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re Jessica:

It's only a small yellow star, barely noticable, chill! It's OK, because it's the government monitoring you, and the state never abuses it's power. Compare deaths and abuse from terrorism with deaths and abuse resulting from state actions sometime. Then do a risk assessment.

How will an ID card stop a terrorist explosion? Most front line terrorists have no prior criminal record. They look like your neighbor. They have valid ID. They don't go out of their way to stand out, for some reason.

There is a difference between not having anything to hide, and granting the right for someone to watch you continously, just in case. There used to be this thing called innocent until proven guilty, and the right to privacy. To invade someone's privacy, you had to get a warrant and show a good reason why you needed it.

I'm quite suspicious of people who are happy to have their privacy invaded when *no justifable reason for the invasion has been presented*. What's going on there?
Matt Palmer, 15 years ago.

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