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The whole idea of a bimotric ID card has me horrified. A plan for a national DNA database was abndoned some years ago largely due to the possibility of abuse and unfeasability of setting-up such a scheme. Now it seems a weakened government is determined to push through possibly the most illiberal piece of legislation of the last 50 years. The scope for abuse is massive. And why do we need such and all encompassing ID card anyway? We are monitored constantly: phone companies know who we call, ISP's know which websites we visit and who we email, libraries know what books we read, credit card companies know what we buy, banks know our financial details, the NHS knows our health details, the revenue services know where we aork and how much tax we pay, and CCTV records our movements in almost every town and city centre. Do we really need a one-stop-shop for identity theft? Do we all trust this government or future governments not to abuse the database by selling it to commercial sources or using it to spy on the population? It all has the whiff of some science fiction dystopia of which I do not want to be part. There are no obvious benefits in terms of security as the Madrid bombing demonstrates (Spain has ID cards). And how will public services be better delivered with an ID card? If the card is lost your entire identity goes with it. WHay don't they just go the whole hog and have us microchipped like they do with rescue dogs. On top of it all they want us to pay for the privilege of being monitored constantly! They say costs will not spiral but already we know that the administration of the scheme will go to compulsory competitive tendering and we all jknow what a success that has been in delivering nutritious school meals, clean hospitals, and tax credits.
Lee Savage, 15 years ago.

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