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I am not young. I am not old, but not young. So if at some point in the future these identity cards or whatever they lead to should come to pass I will probably be dead or so far gone that I won't care one way or the other. So probably it's the "younger" generation that might suffer the potentially disasterous consequences if the current generation allows the current British Government to get away with introducing these proposed cards. Are they the brain child of the New World Orderists in the US anyway I ask myself? The brainchild of Tony's friend George and those who pull Georges strings in the US? Of whom I have no doubt Blair and his fellow cronies in the current British minority elected Goverment are fully paid up members! Our fellow European neighbors DO have identity cards and have for some time but I don't believe those cards possess the same degree of individual "chipping"-represented by the proposed Blair and cos identity card- Of course the Europeans might decide to follow the suit of the Brits-or maybe not. I dare say there are many in the US establishment that would like the Europeans to be equally "chipped" to the same degree as the BG is planning for it's citizens. So I don't favour identity cards. The reason I don't favour such cards is because they would give too much power over us all to people like Blair and his cronies-they are liars we know that already, they are ultimately answerable to forces in the US, they offer far too much control and power to the police to rule us as they will, or as a totalliatarian goverment might want. And by way-I thought democracy was the rule of the majority? The party that most people voted for. But hang on a minute-most people DIDN'T vote for Blair and his cronies-in other words the majority of British voters DID NOT vote for this current government!Yet they are ruling the roost! (And want to rule and control us all scrupulously through comuterised identity cards). Is that democracy?
Beagle La Blow, 15 years ago.

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