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Why not just make it a legal requirement to have a reasonable grounds for leaving your house. The ID scheme would help to administer this new law and the Police could be given the power to order you home or arrest you if they are not convinced that your purposes are reasonable or necessary. Perhaps they could publish a list of approved activites which were not generally questioned by the authorities - binge drinking, earning taxable income and government recommended leisure activites - no blood sports, no competitive sports, no target sports (unless you are in Iraq or Iran or Korea), could be good start. Low crime, very little for the Police to do and a Government that prove how tough they were on crime and the causes of crime. As long as you participate in legally approved activities you would have nothing to fear. Only the paranoid would object.

Minor infringments could be easily dealt with with on the spot fines, deducted at source from your monthly allowance. Your Monthly Allowance would be the amount of disposable income your employment status allowed you - the most effective way to combat tax evasion would be to take all of your earnings, deduct your taxes and other stoppages and then transfer the allowance to your bank account. Working for the State could attract low stoppages and other benefits.

This scheme in its present form has the potential to cut down on all sorts of crimes but at what cost to liberty? Liberty is something you have to fight to preserve, you do not keep freedom by simply getting on with your life and never risking punishment by questioning the governments right to herd you like sheep. Sheep are bred to be stupid and to follow the herd and are naturally fearlful of the shepards dog - think about it.
Matthew Wilkinson, 15 years ago.

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