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I love the fact that the government thinks they can make this stupid card compulsory. Are they really saying that they will go to the door of every single person who refuses to carry one and force them down to some centre to have all their bodily details taken? Are they then going to force me to hand over cash/go into my bank account/freeze all my money until I pay up? When they can't even find people to pay their council tax (surely a more pressing and immediate issue) how the heck are they supposed to find someone without an ID card?

In what way exactly is it going to be complusory anyway, when I won't even have to carry it at all times? Are they going to demand to see it when I enter the country from holiday? Kind of negates the need for a passport. If they're going to insist on a biometric passport, what's the need for an additional card?

The entire issue is utterly ridiculous, pointless and a collosal waste of money. Can anyone else say Millenium Dome????
Kay McLellan, 15 years ago.

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