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I am not spending money on having something that the government says is compulsory. If it is compulsory, then you have to give it away!

Even then I don't want it, won't carry it, will microwave it at the first opportunity and will provide a non-standard photgraph if asked e.g. wearing a fake moustache or painting my face blue and dripping blood from my lips...

I could rant on but this would be a very long message that only reitterates the same feelings of many others. This has to go to a referedum and it has to lose!

Finally, if you want to steal iris prints and fingerprints you need only to be able to break the encryption in the id devices... not that difficult, just time consuming, plus you can fake fingerprints... how to do it is on the Computer Chaos Club website, plus i'm sure if someone were serious enough about identity theft then they could have fake iris patterns put onto contact lenses...
Robert McGregor, 15 years ago.

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