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I will never sign up for an id card.
It is a total invasion of my privacy. In the late 1970's I spent some time living in one of the former Eastern block countries in what was a culture so vastly different from the western World. A place where freedom from a constant life of absolute monotony and despair was a dream for the citizens of that particular country and others in the region. The locals were envious of my freedom of having a British passport. I was also proud of that then. I relished that freedom. Still do. Now I am not so proud of being British but increasingly resentful of a goverment which seems to think it can steam roller us into outrageous schemes like id cards and black boxes for our cars. Well they can't. Clearly they have fast growing opposition to such plans and thankfully so. They can go back to the drawing board and search for intelligent and much more sensible solutions to their problems. Freedom is the greatest privilege. I will never be tagged like some criminal or animal. This is what those dumb schemes represent to me. If I want such big brother, freedom-less existence then for heavens sake I will escape to some last bastion of communism like North Korea!!!

Dave Robinson at around 14.10, Monday
Dave Robinson, 15 years ago.

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