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Nick Walker writes:

"It's also interesting to note that soon after the war ended the cards were disposed of too - is that the plan for the 21st century ID cards?)"

It took a good seven years after World War II ended to finally get the wartime ID card scheme.

The reason why it took so long was because the Labour government of the time found it expedient to use it in other areas. The people got heartily annoyed by this as the war had ended - and, as there was no war any more, there was no need for wartime ID cards. In the end, one man (Clarence Willcock) brought an effective end to the whole thing and the incoming Tories abandoned it in 1952. The dream of bringing back 'ID cards' must have been present in some areas of government ever since they were abolished.

It is an imperative that we stop the present abomination before it is allowed to start. If we fail this surveillance state will flourish.
Paul Brookfield, 15 years ago.

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