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I don't need an ID card to tell me who I am because I already know - and if anyone else needs to know they can ask me. I do not need a plastic record of my DNA, my iris pattern or my bank account because I already have one. I am my own ID, my body carries all the information I need free of charge and nobody has the right to steal my copyright.
I will not have an ID card.

And imagine this. Last year my handbag and all contents was snatched under the full view of CCTV cameras. It was never found and the thief never caught. It cost me a lot of time and money to replace the bank cards, mobile phone, driving license, NHS prescription exemption certificate and all the other things I need. I had the car and house keys safe in my pocket and remembered the phone number to freeze the line, and bank account numbers to withdraw cash with a counter cheque and freeze the account until I got home, thus allowing me to buy new reading glasses with which to check the police statement I signed. The cheque book was used in conjunction with my cheque guarantee card and there is nothing I could do about it.
But what would I do if my ID card was stolen and I didn't remember the numbers then? Nobody seems to have thought of this. There would be a strong market in stolen British ID cards worldwide, would there not? Anyone parking in disabled parking slots would be in need of three minders on every trip. I cannot afford this, I cannot therefore possible countenance there being an ID card in my name created.
My body is my own, and I won the copyrights. I do not intend to give permission for anyone else to have those details.
Sue Doughty, 15 years ago.

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