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Some from the FBI and CIA have also said in the past that is is better that Osama bin Laden is not caught, better that he is free. Please research this information. Whiel it is still available - it will be pulled.

7 out of 10 in America think Torture is acceptable now, will we soon be lowering our standards to this? How sick and dumbed down will the population become before we realise were are everything what Hitler wanted the world to be like?

Life is really getting that evil for us all, or at least it will be, you can smell is almost, I can already taste it in the air, do you want to experience it.

Well be prepared for it becuase Haliburton is in the process of building concentration camps Internationally now, will you be in one when you try to resist? What about the abductions the CIA does now? Some Governments in the EU are willing to tackle this one, but not the UK - it is sad to say.
Angela, 15 years ago.

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