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So, ID cards are a fundamental for fighting the war on terror are they? When this concept was first raised, the cards were going to be introduced in a time frame of 5-10 years. If Churchill had promised to introduce ID cards the day he became PM during the war and then taken 5 years to introduce them, the first cards would have been introduced a week after the fall of Germany! Just how long does this government plan to fight the war on terror if it can afford to wait 5 years before rolling this "vital" weapon?

(I know that ID cards were issued during the War but in that war Britain alone was suffering the same casualty rate as 911 EVERY SINGLE WEEK for 6 years. It was a total war for every single person in the country and one in which there was a very real danger of invasion and destruction of the country. Whatever happens in the war on terror, we do not face the sort of threat that (maybe) justified the use of ID cards 60 years ago. It's also interesting to note that soon after the war ended the cards were disposed of too - is that the plan for the 21st century ID cards?)

Of course ID cards have nothing to do with the war on terror. The police and home secretary wanted ID cards long before anyone flew a plane into a building in NY.

And with respect to anit-fraud measures, why doesn't the govt prosecute those that commit the fraud rather than persecute the rest of us? We are not the guilty ones and yet their solution to the crime is to limit our freedoms. Why? Because it's the easier solution.

God, how I hate this vile concept! We are right to oppose this law and I applaud those that set up this web-site.
Nick Walker, 15 years ago.

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