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What I find the most insulting aspect is the so called 'non-compulsory' element: Non-compulsory only if you plan on not having any kind of life.. ever! Presuming it does cost nearer £300 as the more trustworthy sources state, how is it no more than an extra 'stealth' tax? Fortunately I know for a fact that my MP (whom I voted for) will vote against this bill. There will no doubt be some charm offensive involving (sorry scousers, I know you love her -for some unknown reason!) Little Miss Nauseating along the lines of the Iraq war debacle (Cherie Blair begging Women MPs for those who are puzzled); with any luck this will fail (hopefully in a blaze of negative publicity. Failing that, of course there is always The Lords. I am just worried about having to trust to luck on this one.
The fact remains that most of the arguments in favour are to counter various 'threats' that I am convinced do not exist to the extent some would have us believe (Try and get hold of BBC2's 'The Power of Nightmares' -on terrorism; and the CBI report on how immigration is VITAL to the continued health of our economy). I have one of my feelings that they are gonna get their faces rubbed in the dirt on this one... I am hoping this one is right...
Nick Harvey, 15 years ago.

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