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Louisa said:
"anyone concerned about the over-arching power of corporate interests should stop patronising supermarkets and use local, independant shops instead."

This is so important - even although it can be difficult to do for those trying to handle today's frenetic lifestyles. However, it is worth the effort to seek out small businesses selling fresh meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables. The rewards are several: better taste, pleasant shopping experience, supporting independent business and independent farmers, fisheries etc.

Use your corner shop before it closes. Of course, these shops cannot always compete with the prices in supermarkets but think of the saving in travelling time and expense that you can make by not going to the Big Boys. Enjoy the personal service and shop at a leisurely pace.

While you're thinking about this, why not get your fresh milk, cream and eggs delivered to your door. It is already impossible to get this service in many areas because the milkmen have gone out of business so, if it is available in your area, support the service and keep it viable for generations to come.

We do have choices but sometimes we are too lazy to implement them.
Pat Crawford, 15 years ago.

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