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Edmund, In reply to your point. I don't label everyone with a concern about security a fascist and I certainly don't deny you your right to free speech (did I actually say that in my comment)? I believe completely in democracy and a free society. That is exactly why I don't want ID cards. I know plenty of people who want to be secure, but to achieve that we need a secure world. That is exactly the point. We need to make the world secure, how does a national ID card make the world safer? How does a national ID card stop a person from outside Britain, coming over for a few days and planting a bomb (or exploding himself on a bus?). I asked my MP this exact question, (I got a response from the home office)their answer: It can't! If it can't do this and it won't stop benefit fraud, what will it be used for? Answer: CONTROL

The truth is, the world is only more dangerous now than it was 20 years ago because Blair & Bush have made it that way. The reason they have done is it to scare you. A scared voter will go along with anything. Even sign away their liberty in the name of security.

Who are you (or anyone else for that matter) to tell me I have to prove who I am? I don't have to answer to anyone. if I comitt a crime, then I have to answer society, but only then.
andrew, 14 years ago.

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