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Ah, I see; I was thinking of quaint old-fashioned things like evidence, rather than having people handily pre-criminalised according to socioeconomic status.

Possibly the most absurd thing about this projected dystopia is the idea that the technology would actually work. Here's an alternative scenario for your futuristic fantasies, Edmund: 1ST JUNE 2013: You are arrested and imprisoned indefinitely without knowing the charges against you. A routine check on your ID card has revealed that you have several past convictions and are known to associate with groups sympathetic to terrorism. In fact none of this is true, but the information has been incorrectly entered on your record, either by accident (an underpaid administrator updating the wrong file) or by malice (someone who doesn't like you has informed on you). You have no way of correcting this error, because "biometric data doesn't lie" -- it's on your ID record so it must be true, and everyone knows there's no smoke without fire... You are not released for several years, by which time your mental health is shattered and your career and family life are lost beyond recall. Still, I'm sure that's a sacrifice you'll be willing to make in the interests of "national security".
Eleanor, 14 years ago.

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