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As Stuart says, it seems the Government are worried about the cost of this stupidity.

According to today's Times:,,...

"Opinion polls suggest that although the public will support ID cards if they are reasonably priced, backing could plummet if the cards cost £100 or more. A poll in today’s Mail on Sunday shows only one in 10 people would back the cards if they were £100. If the charge rose to as much as £300, only 2% of those asked said they would be in favour."

So what are they proposing to do? Scrap the barking mad scheme before it starts? Not a bit of it. From the same article:

"Confidential Home Office findings show that the cost of the cards has already risen from £39 to £110, forcing ministers to consider ways of making savings. They are now suggesting collapsing the ID card into the passport, which UK citizens already pay £42 for, and scrapping the need for costly iris scans and fingerprinting.

Rather than having to provide biometric data such as this, ministers may introduce a cheaper “chip and pin” system like many banks have brought in, but this is considered less secure than unique iris patterns or fingerprints."

So let me get this right. The thing that they claimed - the "impossibility" of forging the card because of its impressively-scientific sounding "biometric" nature - is to be replaced with a cheapy PIN system.

That's all right then. After all, it's almost impossible to get someone's PIN number from them without their knowledge, isn't it?
Tony Walton, 15 years ago.

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