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Edmund, you are missing the point completely! I'm sure the technology will be available in 2013 that will allow us to do the things you say. I'm sure that future Governments will start to supply cards with tramsitters when the technology is cheaper, the point is. I DON'T WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO TRACK ME! What right does anyone have to do this?

Why should the Government have my fingerprints? I havn't committed any crimes! Why should I have to prove who I am to anyone? This is supposedly a free country yet this is an idea which Himmler/Eichmann/Hitler themselves would have been proud of.

Do we really want to live in a society where anyone can walk up to someone else and scan them to check if they have committed any crimes? What you are proposing is Fascism, nothing less! What would be next, storing information on people's religion, sexual preference or maybe their medical records? Then, we can round up anyone who has committed any offence (parking offences included) and lock them away in huge camps in Northern Scotland for the rest of their lives. Where they can produce cheap goods for the rest of the population. Anyone who tries to fight against this cwill get 'Special Treatment'. Sound familiar?

Don't think this coudln't happen, it crept up on everyone in the 30's & 40's and no one believed it could happen back then. It CAN happen again. We are now starting to lay the foundations for it to happen again.

I don't doubt that at some time in the futuure ID cards MAY help to solve/prevent certain crimes. But at what cost? There are far more effective (and cheaper) ways of preventing crime, ID cards are NOT needed.

I can only hope that your Fascist dreams are just that. Dreams!
andrew clure, 14 years ago.

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