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It's even worse...

The Independent On Sunday (26 June 2005) "Ministers plan to sell your ID card details to raise cash".

Tony Blair's government knows this madcap ID scheme is going to cost more money than they are stating publically, their solution?

Firsly, sell your data to private companies!

Secondly, private firms are going to be able to "verify customer' identity though iris scanning or finger-printing".

This is despite the promise made when the Home Office launched a public consultation on ID cards in April last year, when officials pledged that "unlike electoral registers, the National Identity Register will not be open for any general access or inspection."

So, the government are liars; quelle suprise. What else will they do with this database?

Unless we stop this, it won't be long before you have to be fingerprinted at supermarket checkouts.

Stuart Fotheringham, 15 years ago.

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