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The case for a national ID card & database is not valid, it won’t stop terrorists, it won’t stop illegal immigrants, it won’t stop benefit fraud and it won’t stop identity theft.

The IT infrastructure would be overwhelmingly complicated and I don’t believe it would cope, just look at the history of government IT projects, over budget, late and prone to crashing.

This is too much like the German fascist state of the 1930s. I have no wish to be categorised by race, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, physical fitness or burden on society. What next, death camps & concentration camps?

I am NOT a criminal!

I am NOT government property!

I do NOT need government permission to live!

I will NOT be fingerprinted, iris scanned, measured or numbered!

I will NOT apply for or carry an ID card!

I will NOT renew my passport if I have to give any of the above.
Derek Jones, 15 years ago.

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