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Apologies for following up my own posting, but I thought of something else. A Tesco Clubcard, or a Nectar card, or whatever, has two marked differences from the proposed ID card (apart from that of choosing to have one or not).

One, it's free. The cost to me of the ID card ranges from the initial (and even so exorbitant, for something I don't choose to have) £35 or so, up to £90-odd or very much more, depending on to whom you listen.

Two, the supermarket loyalty card has a benefit to me. either in terms of a discount (admittedly very small) or in terms of "free stuff" (again, not very much of it, but *something*). The Government's ID card will cost me money and bring *absolutely no benefit* to me.
Tony Walton, 15 years ago.

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