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So don't get a Clubcard. Nobody is proposing legal action for not having a Tesco Clubcard, Matthew. Nor to the best of my knowledge does Tesco have people standing next to the till threatening to prosecute you for not presenting your card on demand. Nor, come to that, will Sainsbury's refuse to serve you if their security guards detect a Clubcard in your pocket instead of a Nectar card.

As Eleanor says, let's not trivialise this. Let's remember that this is a serious issue. It's not an issue of choosing or not choosing to have a loyalty card, it's not about the Illuminati, nor is it about (as some appear to be saying on Yahoo discussion groups) about some Milllennial plan to mark us all with the Number of the Beast.

This is about the State deciding to reverse the burden of proof of innocence - we would have to (in some undefined way consisting of being able to produce a card) prove that our intentions in simply walking down a street were "honourable"; with their definition of "honourable" being applied, plus the State - supposedly OUR servant - deciding to hold a central, easily accessible and easily cross-referenceable database of details that have absolutely nothing to do with State control being held on that database.

If we get silly about this the pro-Government press will have more ammunition than they need to say "well, that's the sort of people who are against ID cards: need we say more?"
Tony Walton, 15 years ago.

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