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While you are obviously very passionate about the environment, which is an admirable trait, I think you are missing the point somewhat. This is a JOKE. This is not one evil man with a heart of stone trying to persuade ten gullible innocents to sell their souls to the devil by slaughtering defenceless creatures. This is someone frustrated by a mindless job, using the visual image of a final prank as a way of relieving the tedium of his few remaining days.
Indeed, Jeff is a friend of the salmon. Look at how he has raised awareness of its plight by providing a forum for its discussion. Of course, this is a serious issue, but there has to be room for a little humour, otherwise all of our lives would be a lot more dull.

Not that I really care about salmon, to be honest. Unless it's smoked, sliced, and nestling on a plate with some granary toast and dill mayonnaise.

Regarding my earlier comment about leaving a live goat in my place should I quit my job, I was quite serious. However, I mentioned nothing about it producing milk. Of course, it should be a female goat, and although it would be tethered to the desk for a short time, I would make sure to leave an adequate supply of food and water, and would leave instructions for it to be immediately transferred to Africa (with the requisite amount of space in the cage for its comfort) so that it could boost the flock of a rural village (which would have a male goat to impregnate it), thereby providing much-needed milk to the starving children. I would be grateful if you could let me know if any part of this is unsatisfactory, and I will amend my plans accordingly.

Please, all of you, direct your anger towards something more worthy of rage, like war, famine, rape, and the fact that the shops put up Christmas decorations at the end of September.
Fatima, 14 years ago.

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