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Sorry Brian, did you mean that you were going to specifically ask for a factory farmed fish? Did you know that the increase in the number of fish farms is also harming wild fish populations?

Did you know that it takes 5 tons of fish caught from the sea to produce one ton of factory farmed salmon?

Did you know that inland factory-farmed fish are intensively crowded in shallow concrete troughs?

Did you know that this spreads infection and parasites, so factory fish farmers use antibiotics to get more fish fatter faster?

Did you know that parasites commonly found on factory farmed fish are also infecting wild populations? Wild fish would never come into contact with more than a few lice during their lifetime.

Did you know that increasing numbers of fish farms has led to increasing numbers of lice in waters which effectively eat fish alive?

Did you know that besides antibiotics, growth promoting drugs and disinfectants, other chemicals used in fish farming include the pigment Canthaxanthin, used to turn the fish's flesh from its natural grey to pink? Canthaxanthin is banned as an additive in food but fed to fish which are bred to be eaten. It is banned in the USA because it is believed to be carcinogenic.

Do you think that carcinogenic compounds being fed to fish is a good idea?

The idea is to leave something profound behind at work - but why leave behind something so inconsiderate and thoughtless?
Flynn, 14 years ago.

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