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Brian, I completely understand the randomness part of it all. Which is precisely why Milly was spot on with her idea of "an oversized root vegetable" taking the place of the salmon.

Yes of course the salmon will be dead when you enter the shop. It's all about supply and demand - salmons, like chickens or any other creature, are only there in the shop, dead, in anticipation of customer demand.

Essentially, by buying these things we are paying someone else for having done the dirty work for us. In this case, the dirty work is killing an endangered species (the salmon) for profit.

If we didn't demand salmon from the supplier, then he'd look to get his livelihood elsewhere. End of.

So if ten (being the number of people in the pledge) less of us demanded salmon - which would only end up in the dustbin at work, if we're honest, I think that can only be a good thing.
Flynn, 14 years ago.

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