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Oh Milly. such innocence. I am not going to hunt down a fish myself - I shall buy one from a fishmonger. No slaying for myself- not that I'm against it, it just wouldn't be practical - live Wild Salmon are a very endangered species in central London and I'm not sure I'd really head to Scotland/Norway/Canada to find a live one just to slay for my plan.
Being clubbed with a salmon would be an ideal way to die - utterly hysterical. the only problem is the lack of limbs that could hold a club. If we could get over that hurdle I'd be willing to sacrifice myself for the humour of it. Sadly their little fins dont reach in the middle - you could perhaps design a club with a small handle?
Your question: The difference between me and a salmon? interesting. presumably you don't want the obvious answer about anatomical differences and such - more of a soul-based argument about "Am I worth more than a salmon?". Not that I'm particularly Christian - but Jesus said (allegedly) "a man is worth many Sparrows" meaning that we have a soul, and a proper brain capable of communication/emotion/yadda yadda yadda - and thus more worthy than other lower animals - especially a delicious salmon.
Are you a vegetarian or something? or just a big fan of fish?
Jeff, 14 years ago.

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