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Pledge “cashierforaccess”

"I will pay £20 towards a £50,000 membership of David Cameron's 'Leader's Club' but only if 2,500 other people will do the same."

— Justin McKeating, Cashier for access

Deadline to sign up by: 31st March 2007
11 people signed up, 2489 more were needed

Country: United Kingdom

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I'd quite like to have a serious word with David Cameron. He does, after all, want to be Prime Minister. The thing is, I don't have the £50,000 needed for 'Dave' to consider me worth talking to.

Maybe you'd like to have a chat with him as well but you know what it's like - the mortgage, the weekly shop, the bills. That breakfast with 'Dave' just gets pushed further and further down the list, doesn't it?

Well not any more.

Sign up to pledge £20 and have your named entered into the lottery. Once the target is met we'll put all the names in a hat and the one drawn will present a cheque for £50,000 at Tory central office and claim their membership of the 'Leader's Club'.

They'll then be able to put their questions to 'Dave' along with questions from other pledgees drawn at random from another hat. £50,000 buys a year's membership of the club so we should be able to address many of our concerns in that time.

Many thanks

Justin McKeating
Cashier for Access

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