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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “Vigilance”

"I will research and write 5 articles raising awareness of corruption and wrongdoing but only if 200 other internet users will read and Digg the 5 articles I've already written."

— Satori

Deadline to sign up by: 31st December 2008
4 people signed up, 196 more were needed

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Corruption and wrongdoing have destroyed my life, and I'm down to writing internet articles raising awareness of problems in the world. But there's no point to writing them if nobody reads them. Does anyone care anymore? With the mainstream media all but muted on the major problems, the internet may be our only chance to learn what's going on. This is a challenge to find out if internet journalism works... and if the world even wants to save itself anymore.

The Digg links to my 5 articles are here, and the articles themselves can of course be reached on those Digg pages. If I still have a computer and internet access, I will research and write five more articles bringing attention to corruption and wrongdoing within two months of this pledge being fulfilled.

Organized Stalking - Quelling Dissent

Why is the US military camped out in our newsrooms?

Hacking the New World Order - Exploits in a defective system

Involuntary human experimentation in the US and abroad

Getting wise to the gay marriage debate con

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