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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “RespectSpeakUp”

"I will make my voice heard and help young people’s views to get noticed. When I have an opinion on a news story, I will voice it in the media by commenting online, writing to editors of papers or magazines, or calling in to TV or radio programmes. It’s our news too. but only if 1,000 other young people will pledge to do the same."

— Sophie Manning, Respect young people's advisory member

Deadline to sign up by: 31st May 2010
301 people signed up, 699 more were needed

Country: United Kingdom

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This pledge is part of a new campaign to urge young people to take ownership of the media, and make their opinions heard, by using comment opportunities and new technology.

Respect? has teamed up with young people’s website, so visit for tips and advice on how to make a splash in the media.

Launched on Fleet Street by former BBC broadcaster Martyn Lewis and young campaigners from the Respect? campaign group, the Respect? campaign is supported by online charity YouthNet and the British Youth Council.

This pledge is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

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  • Young people are too often eveaded by this negative stereotype. People must remember we are not apathetic and we too care about the issues in our society!
    Scott Forbes, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Absolutely. Do I count as young?
  • This is a really good cause!
    Gaby J, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Respect. The one thing we have consistently been taught throughout our lives - both in the home and in our first days at school. Why should it be then, that we are to learn to respect, yet do not receive it from those who supposedly are meant to set the example? Young people today have been boxed into a generalization that is far from the truth. So much so, that even young people believe the stereotype at times. We must make a stand, speak the truth and dispel this image so that we can finally have the respect that we all deserve.
    Kelly P Vien, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I have facilitated and organised a digital art course. This has now culminated in an exhibition that allowed young people aged from 12-16 to express their creativity. Opened by our local MP, I hope it continues to highlight the importance of getting young people, particularly females, involved in digital technology.
    Maggie Parker, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I speak up for young people's rights already by lobbying Government to open up the secret family courts. Why should young people have less human rights in these illegal secret courts than people who are tried for terrorism?

    I will continue to speak up for the human rights of all people, and especially for the young, elderly and disabled, who get pushed around and bullied far too often.
    Zoompad, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • This is a great pledge and one that I fully support. As a young person, I don't feel that my views are adequately expressed in the media, and any that are, are generally portrayed in a negative light.
  • I wrote a letter to the Exeter Express and Echo today in response to a letter about a personal recovery story. I wrote about the value of art in encouraging wellbeing and how helpful sharing personal recovery stories of managing mental health can be.I also mentioned the Time to Change Campaign. Last month I sat with a young man and a lady called Cathy and we took part in a two hour radio show on Recovery Stories and improving mental health. I do this partly in memory of Oggie - Chris Lightfoot who was a founder of My society and Pledgebank, a great young man with a huge heart and incisive mind, who lost his battle with depression on 11th February 2007.
    Linden Lynn, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Traditional barriers of direct communication are crumbling. We exist in an age where, through the internet, it is possible to make your voice be heard no matter who or where you are.

    The Foreign Beggars are supporting the Respect? campaign because we want young people to use these tools and their voices to let journalists, the media, politicians and others in positions of power know the truth.
  • Dexplicit has signed the Respect? Pledge!
  • Amir Khan has signed the Respect? Pledge!
  • I support this pledge fully. I think younger people should be allowed their points of views and to be treated with equal amount of respect as to how other people like to be treated.

    However, I don't see how some adults think that they can pick on us although we generally don't do anything wrong. I do believe the Respact? pledge will set things straight.
    Harry Leonard Bishop, 11 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Do my children and grandchildren have a future? "NO" Do you feel your children and grandchildren have a future? The American Born Coop is the answer many true Americans have been looking for. With the numbers, coop members, our voices will be heard and our votes will help reastablish our future.
  • Would you like to help the homeless children?
    Kourtney, 11 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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Current signatories (Green text = they've done it)

Sophie Manning, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Chris Denholm
  • Rosie Foster
  • Louise Sutcliffe
  • Tom Chambers
  • Elinor Milne
  • Sophie Manning
  • Cllr Ben Rawlings
  • Lizzy
  • Charlotte Tarran
  • Claire Gallagher
  • Alex Simmons
  • Scott Forbes
  • Stephen Marshall
  • katey ribchester
  • James Line
  • Megan K
  • Nat
  • johnpaul mccabe
  • Clare Pitkin
  • carla read
  • Kate Rowley
  • Rachael Dumigan
  • Zara Hamid
  • Tim Coates
  • Gavin Lambert
  • Megan
  • suzanna lashford
  • hannah
  • Natalia Postlethwaite
  • Nikki Hoar
  • Nathan Hazlehurst
  • ejazulhaq
  • Robin
  • Charlotte Sullivan
  • Sarah Doherty
  • rick lomax
  • Sophie Bradley
  • Mohammed Iqbal
  • Naomi Jane
  • clare elliott
  • Joe Wyatt
  • Stephen Canning
  • garsin cheung
  • Lucy Gilroy
  • Emily Beardsmore
  • David Henry (Director ,Queer Youth Network)
  • Sean Galvin
  • Kriss Browne (Queer Youth Network)
  • Aisha Nageen
  • Mark Donaldson ( QUEER YOUTH NETWORK)
  • Woking Youth Council
  • Lizzie Whyman
  • tiqua thomas
  • Omer Abdinasser
  • Edwin Ssekabira
  • asha
  • hawa
  • Lesley Cotton
  • Radhika Chauhan
  • Amy Patterson
  • Jamie Broadbent
  • Octavia
  • Anna Blake
  • Guy Rintoul
  • Chris
  • Ilona Pinter
  • Prabal Bhardwaj
  • Sarah Ferguson
  • Anastasia To
  • Lindsay Towning
  • Millie Butterfield
  • Lara
  • syam rudra
  • Stephanie
  • kanza
  • Aidan McCarthy
  • Will Matthews
  • Lucie Davis
  • Lucie Davis (Breakdown QYN)
  • Gaby J
  • donna
  • Chris McCabe
  • Nick Sharp
  • Helen Williams
  • caroline freya costley
  • Myriam Roberts
  • Derek Oakley
  • Jessie O'Toole
  • Kirsten Partridge
  • Anjali
  • Charlotte (beat)
  • Sarah
  • Hannah Bilverstone
  • Gabriella Cox
  • Sam Thomas
  • Emma Baxter
  • jenni parker
  • Justine Dewey
  • warisara sornpet
  • Adam Bell
  • Kelly P Vien
  • Fiona Martin
  • Scott Ideson
  • Jennifer Hodson
  • Becca Lucas
  • Rebecca Knowles
  • Maggie Parker
  • Zoompad
  • lisamarie smith
  • paul allen
  • Nicki Challinger
  • mary collins
  • leahmarie forrest
  • naomi russell
  • Sasha Pratt
  • Lara
  • lisa-marie smith
  • Cristina Deptula - if it's OK that I'm 26 years old! ;)
  • willow
  • Helen Deakin
  • Rebekah J Markham
  • Andrew S (
  • Linda Epstein
  • caseygirl!
  • Luke Nicholson
  • David Simms
  • Collette Lobban
  • Rianne Pellius
  • Catherine Olawore
  • Rebecca Bright
  • Shannon Pellius
  • Fiona Bunting
  • Mario Caro
  • Mariam Sheikh
  • stephanie ross
  • Stephanie Vale
  • yeni
  • Kirsty Passfield
  • Cllr Vivian Achwal
  • David Fowler (Queer Youth Network)
  • Kim Pervoe
  • Laura Owen
  • Laura-Liz Partoon
  • Ceylan Barut
  • John Davidson
  • Liv Walton
  • Abigail Retuya
  • Muna Ally
  • Sam Thomas
  • Chris Cooper
  • Edward Hepburn
  • Emily McFadden
  • Ellie Livermore
  • Natalie Ansuh-Amponsah
  • Zoe McGee
  • Iolanda Fasulo
  • Triona Dove
  • Victoria Caswell
  • safina
  • Carlisle Steven Horton (Queer Youth Network)
  • Nikita Bartram (Queer Youth Network)
  • Sam
  • Joel Marriott (Queer Youth Network)
  • Linden
  • leo
  • Chelcie Kelly
  • 何健(基督徒,法律人,维权人士)
  • Vicki
  • Oliver Drackford
  • Carrie holroyd
  • dave mallender
  • Emily Murrell
  • Rushda
  • Elizabeth Cocker
  • Adam Ennis
  • Rachel Cavendish - salford youth council
  • 梁爱国
  • Lauren
  • Lauren Poxton (Queer Youth Network)
  • James Greyson (Queer Youth Network)
  • aj
  • Adam Bradford
  • Shauna Carmouth
  • Connor Towes
  • ruth dominic
  • Kaytie McFadden
  • Dexplicit
  • DJ Nonames (James Miller)
  • Orifice Vulgatron - Pavan from Foreign Beggars
  • Metropolis - Ebo from Foreign Beggars
  • Amir Khan
  • pardeep lagha
  • Maaria Lohiya
  • john benjamin
  • esther
  • indra johnson
  • Brendan Farmer (Queer Youth Network)
  • Rebecca Green (Queer Youth Network)
  • Beatrice Di Francesco
  • Victoria Ijeh-Okusanya
  • Daniela Oliveros
  • Dami Opemuyi
  • Jhon Bateman
  • Aiyshah Bushara
  • Stacey Derrick
  • Niall Cowley
  • Rory Murray
  • Jolene Khor
  • Cynthia Yates
  • vikki george
  • Fizza Ilyas
  • Holly Davis
  • Hollie Brock (Queer Youth Network)
  • Dipalee Jagatia
  • Edward McNally
  • Tomi Awosusi
  • Rachel
  • Patrick Daniels
  • Michael Innes
  • Selena Brown
  • chloe brett
  • charlene mcdonald
  • Avery Jay Pennington (Queer Youth Network)
  • Muhammad Hafiz
  • Erin Jones Queer Youth Network
  • Umi Nur
  • Rumii Jaii
  • Masarat Jilani
  • abi polding
  • Jessica Robinson
  • Tahmina Uddin
  • Hannah Haddad
  • Selina Hope Borji
  • Nisalini Perinpathasan
  • J Russell
  • corrine
  • Joshua Snape
  • georgia power
  • fern louise sayles
  • David Fisher
  • maria yacoub
  • Beth Malam (Queer Youth Network)
  • adam barker
  • Ellie richardson
  • Daniel Lindeque
  • Kim Lee
  • Roukaya Hosny
  • Emma Miller
  • Rebecca Breedon
  • Linda Jack PPC for Mid Beds
  • Moli Dow
  • Rebecca Breedon
  • Larry Gardiner
  • kieron young QYN
  • davina merchant
  • Elina Desaine
  • Sophie Johnson-St.Vie
  • Harry Leonard Bishop
  • Seema Walker
  • Naina Rawat
  • Lauren Riley (Queer Youth Network)
  • Daryl Brownie
  • Jordan Findlay
  • Mark Whiley (Liberal Youth)
  • Mason Hamilton
  • China Johnson
  • Cassie C
  • Rebecca Rahi
  • phoebe lambdon
  • Narraser Gordon
  • Rhasan Brunner
  • Rob Smith Labour PPC Havant
  • Ayfer Orhan Labour Candidate for Hemel Hempstead
  • 马鹤松
  • Alan Belmore, Chair of Liberal Youth
  • Rob Brown
  • Davriella Mardis
  • Owen Gunnell
  • Chantelle West
  • Susan Foreman
  • Chelsea Carnall
  • piush karki
  • Hamza
  • 16 people who did not want to give their names, 2 of whom have done the pledge

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