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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “OLPCwixiNEWS”

"I will invest 100 hours in free wixi software for OLPC XO laptop language learners but only if 1 reader will take a minute to help make wixi happen."

— friend of wixi

Deadline to sign up by: 25th May 2007
4 people signed up (3 over target)

More details
seeks ideas that $100 laptop kids can
use to learn.. a draft wixi proposal is
here: proposes
a simple idea that $100 laptop kids can
use to learn languages. 8,000+ pageviews
suggests that someone is interested.. describes
a context for this proposal.. the OLPC
needs educational content which, ideally,
kids can help to create shows a working
demo of the basic wixi tool.. in early
June, a multilingual wixi specified at should be working

Waqas Hussein, who programmed the demo and
delivering the multilingual version is keen
to create wixi software for the $100 laptop,
which will soon be used in his native country
of Pakistan.

Waqas is a sharp programmer as you can see
by the clean free code he created at

our plan is to make an xulrunner/javascript
desktop wixi that can integrate with existing
collaborative authoring activities on the XO..

$2000 can get it done and get it done right.
$1000 delivers wixi for the $100 laptop this summer..
$1000 responds to feedback to improve wixi by fall.. may be more
likely to support the project if more of
us share some interest.. with little risk,
you can help deliver a rewarding new tool

benefits may include
* a simple test of "learning learning"
* potential to serve many children
* extend a useful new free software
* a more tolerant, multilingual future
* when wixi works, you get bragging rights

you and your kids may soon enjoy many hours
using free wixi software to learn more language..
please spend a minute to make it happen sooner..

action? simple: write a quick email to anyone
you think might be interested.. invite them
to sign this pledge:

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  • At first, it was a good project, but now, asus is on the market with his 701, less than $299, good quality, design and performance, what is the future of the olpc... don't know, but asus's future will be better.
    code, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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