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Pledge “NZcclobby”

"I will write to five Members of Parliament demanding credible action on climate change and a cross-party accord to provide policy certainty but only if 20 other New Zealanders will do the same."

— IdiotSavant

Deadline to sign up by: 30th April 2006
20 people signed up

Country: New Zealand

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The recent Climate Change and Governance Conferance in Wellington stressed the need for credible policies on climate change. More importantly, it stressed the need for such policies to be durable - for them not to change with every election - so that the business community can have enough certainity to make the necessary investments to shift our economy towards lower carbon emissions. The solution repeatedly suggested was a cross-party accord to take the issue out of the political arena, just as there had once been on superannuation.

Politicians will only act on this if they believe there is a constituency there - so if we want action, we have to show them that that constituency exists.

I'd suggest targetting your local MP and a range of MPs from other parties. Its probably not worth writing to the Greens, as they've already got the message - but pretty much everybody else is a good target, and particularly some of National's newer MPs.

Contact details for MPs can be found here:

More details on this project are here:

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