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Pledge “MillValleyTurf”

"I will donate $100 to fund the installation of Field Turf at Mill Valley High School Stadium but only if 250 additional people, interested in the improvement of Mill Valley High School Stadium will join me in this campaign to raise funds necessary to show USD232 School Board that we are serious in improving our overall school experience, and community. The improvement to our Stadium will not only be utilized by many students while at these schools, but also by hundreds of kids, and other organizations in our community as they will be able to use this field for any number of activities."

— Jeff Broadbent, Shawnee/Mill Valley community member

Deadline to sign up by: 1st May 2013
22 people signed up, 228 more were needed

Country: United States
Place: 66226 (view map)

More details
This pledge is an effort to generate support for this much needed improvement in our community. By pledging your financial contribution it not only shows our school district that we are very much interested in this addition, but are willing to go over and above by making this donation to get the fund started.

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Jeff Broadbent, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Brian Carr
  • Jeff Broadbent
  • Dave Twigg
  • Scott Phillips
  • Mike Milberger
  • Jason Bruce
  • David Deverill
  • Steve and Kim Flaming
  • Brett Battes
  • Jeff Young
  • Dudley and Pam Thomas
  • Mike and Susan Rice
  • Randy and Diane Applegate
  • Kevin and Sally Fox
  • Steve and Suzette Klepac
  • Sean Jegen
  • Todd and Lori Eaton
  • Eric & Maureen McKinnon
  • Rob and Julie Gress
  • Bob and Debbie Valencia
  • James Windmiller
  • Dan & Megan Caldwell

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