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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “Luddites”

"I will stop using machines controlled by people I don't trust but only if 700,000,000 other computer-dependent people will do the same."

— Bryan Hoyt, Resident of Christchurch, New Zealand

Deadline to sign up by: 17th May 2010
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Proprietary software (such as MS Windows), webservices with a huge user-base (such as Google and gmail), and proprietary computing hardware (such as the Fritz chip, which doesn't let it's owner fully control it) are all dangerous if it's controlled by people you don't know or trust.

The problem is, everyone's using them, so you can't stop. But if you and 700 million other people do, I will. There are currently estimated to be about 700 million computer users in the world. See

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