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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “IGF14Youth”

"I will actively remote participate in the IGF 2014 but only if 8 other youth / New Media Summer School Grads will do the same!."

— Ruth H

Deadline to sign up by: 2nd September 2014
5 people signed up, 3 more were needed

More details
Having attended the IGF in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2012 I know how varied and vibrant the IGF is and how many decision makers and 'big cheeses' are there listening and debating. So I think even those of us who can't physically be there should be participating.

We know youth participation in Internet Governance is important, but it is pretty difficult to remote participate in a conference, life gets in the way, it gets boring, you find yourself watching cat videos (well this can happen when you are actually there as well!) and without a community encouraging you to keep on going, to chat to and to intentionally retweet you, it all just seems too hard and lacking the fun of actually being in a new city, with new people, enjoying the sites and food.

But I know it is possible and it can be fun! A few years ago I, along with a group other UK young people interested in climate change who were brought together by a UK youth climate change charity, remotely watched, blogged, tweeted and facebooked our way through the COP16 conference. We were encouraging each other, writing, commenting and sharing and really interacting with those physically there!

So I intended to remote participate in the Bali IGF last year, but except for a few retweets I never got off the ground. It is a lot harder doing this alone, so I need your help! I know you have something to contribute. Sign this pledge to commit to actively remotely participating in IGF 2014 with me.

If I pledge what do I have to do?

I am asking you to pick two sessions to try to participate in and to contribute through twitter or via WebEx platform in at least one of those. I also ask you to communicate with and support the other youth remote participants who sign this pledge (I will e-mail you about this) as well as generally engaging where you can.

You can find the schedule for the IGF here -
It runs 2nd Sept - 5th Sept and it is much bigger than the EuroDIG, with a massive variety of sessions so you will definitely find something which interests you.

If you are not sure where to start I recommend the Youth Involvement in Internet Governance Session which some New Media Summer School people are involved in running and which aims to have lots of remote participation options, so it's a good chance to get involved.

You can participate in the IGF through the Webex remote participation system to watch live and send interventions by text, audio or video or through following along via twitter if Webex isn't possible for you (tech problems, on your phone etc).

Hint: Check the time difference - All times are in Eastern European Summer Time as the IGF 2014 is in Istanbul

If you can participate in more remote sessions or engage through blogging or memes or other means that would be great, but I know we have busy lives so this is all I am asking you to pledge.

I've enjoyed meeting so many other young people interested in having their say in Internet Governance through taking part in the New Media Summer School and EuroDIG these past two years, it's been really interesting learning more about variety of issues and developing my own opinions and thoughts with so many of you and I really hope you can step up and give a few hours to activity participate in at least one workshop at the IGF! Can you do it?

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  • It's starting soon! Today is the pre-event day, click my name to check out my blog to see what is going on and what I am doing.
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