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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

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Pledge “FundGreenwins”

"I will donate £40 to Norwich Green Party but only if 40 other people will do the same."

— C'llr. Rupert Read, Norwich Green Councillor

Deadline to sign up by: 5th April 2011
41 people signed up (1 over target)

Country: United Kingdom

More details
With the local election campaign underway, Norwich Green Party needs your
help to fight a successful campaign. With the referendum on reform of the
electoral system taking place on the same day as the local elections [May 5], and postal voting starting earlier than ever this year, it is important that we get our message out to every voter on political reform [AV] _and_ local election pledges. We need your help urgently to fund our election materials! Please give your support to this pledge and help Norwich Green Party achieve great
success on 5th May!
Help keep Norwich Green
Party moving forward as the country's strongest City/District Green Party Group, and help realise 'Project Norwich' - help keep/make Norwich a national project/target of
the Party...

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  • I agreed to stand because campaigning Green presses all the issues buttons at once. The more we are, the more we can do, please help us to make it happen
    Lesley Grahame, 10 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • WTG Greens! :)
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Current signatories (Green text = they've done it)

C'llr. Rupert Read, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Marie Clark
  • Cllr Richard Alan Edwards.
  • Lesley Grahame
  • Jessica Goldfinch
  • Nick Robins
  • Jon Nott
  • Colin Clews
  • Peter Offord
  • Mark Morton
  • Tony Park
  • Lucy Galvin
  • Barry Broom
  • Colin Reynolds
  • Nicky Rowbottom
  • Paul Humber
  • Matthew Butcher
  • Adrian Holmes
  • jane beckerman
  • Bob Cutter
  • Sue Bugler
  • Elisabeth Whitebread
  • Anne & Duncan Toms
  • Jan Litchener
  • Abigail Rose
  • Andrew Rossall
  • Rachel Gasowski
  • Will Bugler
  • Jayne Forbes
  • Jeremy Bugler
  • jess smith
  • Howard Davies
  • Philip Young
  • Brian Goodale
  • Alice Cutter
  • 6 people who did not want to give their names, 4 of whom have done the pledge

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