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Pledge “CHEprotest”

"I will protest the CHE movie on opening night but only if 10 other local people will do the same."

— Voice for 100 Million Victims of Communism, a fan of the book "Atlas Shrugged"

Deadline to sign up by: 22nd January 2009
6 people signed up, 4 more were needed

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CHE GUEVARA was a mass murderer who advocated communist dictatorship. He personally supervised the execution of Cubans many of whom were low level officials like traffic cops and bureaucrats. The communism that Che advocated has resulted in the murder of more than 100 million people around the world. We will not tolerate Hollywood glorifying evil. The movie trailer and reviews make it quite clear that this movie does in fact glorify Che. The movie trailer says that Che was all about "love of humanity, justice and truth." For all those who were murdered by Che and the communist ideology that Che advocated we will:
1. Protest on the opening night in my city. USA opening is January 23 or 24, 2009. In case the date is changed check and monitor the Internet.
2. E-mail so that if there are any technical problems with PledgeBank the protest will continue.
3. Boycott all movies involving the main people behind CHE: Director: Steven Soderbergh, Writers: Peter Buchman and Benjamin A. van der Veen, and actor Benicio Del Toro. They have a right to make any movie they want. But we have a right to withhold our dollars from Hollywood idiots who glorify evil. See a list of movies these people are connected with at

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  • ye ,ye and the misery and starvation visited on the poor by Batista and his people (presumably your type) was ok as long as you weren,t affected, Your blindness and indifference to others misery speaks for itself...
    BREN, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • you very exercised about justice,, bet you don,t notice what the krystalnacht being visited on the people of Gaza!!!
    BREN, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Hamas terrorists in Gaza were firing rockets daily for months before Israel acted to defend themselves. To compare Hamas to Jews in europe in the late '30s is ridiculous. And that's off topic anyway. I am sickened by the bucolic portrayals of Che in film. I am disgusted by hipsters and fascist vegans in Che t-shirts. (Don't they know that Che wouldn't approve of the concert you're attending, wearing his shirt?)
    Dave, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • not really off topic ;as the same american imperialist gangsters and their agents are still at it. ..their support for the zionist state`s terrorism is clear for all to see, ..unless you are so fogged up by your involvement.. what crumbs did it take to buy you off? mmm? and back to Che(murdered by yank imperialists),, I doubt whether he would have been bothered by the spurious "freedom" to wear his t-shirt , ,GET REAL ! DAVE ! he and his revolution simply fought for real freedom, freedom from imperialist exploitation.. freedom ,Dave, not, t,shirt!
    BREN, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • no, garsin, you see the point is that the palestinians need invaders out and running Gaza is their business, you obviously don,t respect the VOTE of the majority who chose Hamas, but like the Zionist american proxies democracy is only a cover for their gangsterism,, otherwise why did they blockade Gaza? same reason they blockade Cuba,, the fear the example it would set. a world free from terroristic yankee imperialism,, add britain and zionist terrorism. their day will come
    BREN, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • man is it ever alright just to make a movie about some guy and then let people watch it and let people themselves decide what kind of person someone was.
    Freddie, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • and if they themselves choose to, let them do the research for themselves.
    Freddie, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Too many people commenting on a sbject they know little about.

    Read your history, read the detailed biogorpahies of Guevara and Castro for that matter and you will see that no he wasnt perfect, but he was a great leader hero to a people who were persecuted by the Americans.

    Through a sham government led by US puppet Batista the Cuban people were persecuted and robbed of their assets to the benefit of the Americans.

    Che and Castro sought to correct this and make Cuba work for the Suban people, not for the benefit of others.

    As a British citizen I am acutley aware of how imperial states can and do exploit lesser developed nations and anyone who fights against this should be honoured as such.

    Che was a great man and a great leader, yes he had faults but dont beleive the western propaganda, read the facts and make up your own mind.
    Richard Oddy, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Richard, what you're repeating *is* the western propaganda! Go around the "west" and ask people about Che, and of those who know who he is, most think he was some kind of hero. They don't know that he was a cold-blooded killer who ran an execution center, a failure as a military commander, and that the famous picture of him in the beret was doctored -- in the original photo he wasn't looking off all idealistically into the distance. Cuba under Batista was one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America. After a half century under the world's longest-running dictator, Fidel Castro, it's an economic basket case. Many Cubans die every year trying to reach the United States on flimsy home-made boats. The current poverty and suffering of the Cuban people is Che's "legacy."
  • The current suffering and poverty of the Cuban people is not Che's legacy.

    The American blockade has been explicitly designed to cause poverty and suffering in the hopes of destabilizing the Cuban government. That Cuban's die trying to flee American-imposed poverty is not the legacy of the man who dreamed of the end of poverty and implemented his dream as best he could; this bleak legacy belongs to far greater powers who use poverty, suffering, and hate as a weapon to forward their own selfish interests.

    By your reasoning, Ghandi is to be blamed for the dividing of India and Pakistan and all the slaughter and nuclear tension which has ensured because he led a successful movement for justice and freedom from oppression which indirectly unleashed great new powers and hatreds.
    ryan, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Che led Cuba towards a glorious attempt at justice. I agree his methods ought to be considered as thoroughly has his ideals and not all his methods satisfy us ethically. But find me a leader of a progressive revolution who's methods do satisfy us ethically! We look to the French and American revolutions as the origins of modern democracy, liberal rationalism, and non-tyranny. Yet the streets ran red with the blood of decent hard-working mid-level statesmen and honest soldiers who wanted only to escape their own poverty in the service of king and country.

    Shall we boycott glorifying films about Washington or run Le Mis off stage for glorifying the French Revolution which was also full of high ideals and cold blooded murder!? War brings out local injustice... always. The bombing of innocent civilians in Hiroshima comes to mind. Yet sometimes we accept that such local injustices are necessary for movement towards global justice. The continuation of democracy for example.

    I assure you that in games of tit-for-tat counting off local injustices, communist Cuba performs on par with anti-communist exiles. Batista's atrocities, US sponsored terrorist bombings of Cuban civilian planes, assassinations, sabotage... These things too lead to the kind of local injustice that you chastise Che for.

    It becomes a question of global justice where ideals are paramount. I expect you will find, if you do end up seeing the film, that it is his ideals for which he is appreciated.
    ryan, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Personally I am looking forward to seeing this movie, and depressingly in Birmingham, UK, it is these days only on limited release. I suspect I may have to catch it on the small screen!

    It is difficult not to see the pledge statement as anything other than system-serving propaganda. Leaders of revolutionary movements cannot be called "mass murderers" in the way that state leaders can legitimately accused of the same. A McCarthyite fear of communism does the author no favours either: in this distorted world-view, the beliefs of Che are the same as the politics of Stalin, for example, when it is provable this is not so.

    @Starchild - with respect, you've misunderstood the term 'propaganda'. The idea that a romanticised image of Che serves Western capitalist interests is nonsense. Rather, it is the objective of propaganda (especially from the perspective of covering up US state crimes against Cuba and Latin America) to demonise him and others like him, which I guess is the purpose of this pledge in the first place.
    Jon, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • The annual Freedom House report was recently releashed, and once again Cuba is listed as not free, and as one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. The Cuban people have zero human rights, including no access to the internet, no elections, no parental rights, no job choice, no right to travel, no right to read what they want, no choice of movies or TV. Add to that arbritary detention and imprisonment without due process, executions, and forced exiles. Tens of thousands of Cubans have been murdered thanks to el Che, and Cuba, once the Pearl of the Antilles, is now in ruin. That is Che's legacy, and it has nothing to do with the U.S. Embargo and everything to do with Cuba's failed socilaist economy. Read the UN fact book circa 1958 compared to now. It will tell you all you need to know.
    Ziva Sahl, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • If you really want to know what life is like for the average Cuban, read this first person account from Havana.
    Ziva Sahl, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Pledge “CHE protest”

    you are a completely idiot or a bigger ignorant. so im not even going to waste my time trying to argue with you. i hope you find 10 other people to to make a fool of yourself
    mc, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Viva La Revolucion!
    Fuck the Americans for banning cuban cigars and travel to Cuba. And Fuck Bolivia for killing the Great Che. Long Live Che
    Joe, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Conrad Black convicted thief and liar.
    Robert Maxwell convicted thief and liar.
    Bernard Madoff convicted thief and liar.
    Richard S Fuld on CNN 10 Most wanted list for 2008 financial collapse.
    Len Blavatnik somehow extracted £2.5 Billion from RBS just before its collapse.
    Just a few examples. Hard evidence of organised co-ordinated zionist destruction of the world economy to fund their big plan. Their kind got away with it in CUBA hiding behind Batista for a while. These low life liars are coming to destroy you, every family, and every culture. They're slowly crippling the world with a clear objective of domination. PS have YOU got neuro toxic mercury in your fillings (most of the US Army have) how'd that happen ??
    Jonny7, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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