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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “BuyoutMcDaniels”

"I will pledge at least $20 to buy-out Josh McDaniels from his contract but only if 150,000 other true fans will do the same so that we can be free."

— Giri Santillan, Orange-bleeding fan

Deadline to sign up by: 2nd January 2011
7 people signed up, 149993 more were needed

Country: United States
Place: Denver (view map)

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Here is the deal: It seems that Pat Bowlen is leery of firing McDaniels and then having to pay THREE head-coaches in 2011 when the Collective Bargaining Agreement has not been resolved.

Why don't we speak loudly as fans and say "we're done with this clown"?

Let's use some of the money we are no longer spending on team paraphernalia, tickets, and other Broncos' related expenses to show that we are more invested in this team than any other fan-base in the country.

Let's put together a 3 million package that would force Bowlen's hand to fire McDaniels. If Bowlen should somehow step up and pay the buyout himself, we could still fulfill our pledges and donate the money to the Darrent Williams Memorial Teen Center!

Let's do this before we watch another season go up in flames!

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