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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

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Pledge “BullyVaccine”

"I will donate 10 copies of the Bully Vaccine to local libraries but only if 100 other people will donate 1 book to their local library."

— Jennifer Hancock, Transforming People's Lives!

Deadline to sign up by: 31st December 2012
15 people signed up, 85 more were needed

Country: United States

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This book can help kids learn to cope effectively and get bullying to stop. But only if they have access to it. Please help me help them by purchasing a copy and donating it to your local library.

People who participate in this challenge will be eligible for prizes.

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Jennifer Hancock, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Skip Way
  • Nick Jones
  • Laura Gilkey
  • Alan Williamson
  • Isis
  • Vicki Holmes
  • Leta Hamilton
  • Johnetta Renae
  • Heidi Lovett
  • Sarah Kaiser
  • Joan Forman
  • Johanus
  • Teri
  • Letitia Phelps Calhoun
  • 1 person who did not want to give their name

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